Bogna Grażyna Jaroslawski | artist-activist


Bogna Grażyna Jaroslawski is an installation artist, stage designer and dramaturg based in Berlin. She started her journey in the protected theatre space [] which led her internationally to public meeting places, jungle areas, uncontrollable streets, beaches, and townships. In creating social sculptures, she is looking for methods to make complex social or environmental themes understandable through symbolic installations in public space. To this end, she enters into a direct exchange with the people and regions concerned in order to realize joint works in a public context and to plead for improvement in awareness and living conditions. Her installations have been exhibited in Auroville, Berlin, Bochum, Bremerhaven, and Capetown.
Bogna Grażyna Jaroslawski holds degrees in Drama & Performance Studies, German Literature Studies (Magister Artium, Freie Universität Berlin | Technische Universität Berlin) and Stage Design (Master of Arts, Technische Universität Berlin). In addition to her freelance artistic work, she has also worked as a dramaturg at the Komische Oper Berlin, the Volkstheater Rostock and the Collaborative Research Center 626 “Aesthetic Experience and the Dissolution of Artistic Limits“. Since 2014 Bogna has been offering projects in the field of cultural education for schools, churches, theatre groups in Germany.
She is an award winner of the Social Art Award 2019, the Sparkassenstiftung Bremerhaven, a scholarship holder of the Ost-West-Stiftung Bremen and a scholarship holder of the German Federal Ministry of Education and Research. In spring 2020 her keynote on Social Sculpture was published on, in which she talks about creativity to overcome social injustice and exclusion.



Portrait © ManoloTy


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    Bahaa SoukiKünstler & Kameramann | Artist & Director of Photogragpy

    Künstler, Videograf und Fotograf mit über zehn Jahren Erfahrung, kooperativer Teamplayer mit Sinn für Details und Engagement für Qualitätsarbeit. Bahaa unterstützt die Soziale Skulptur Please hold the line.


    Artist, videographer and photographer with over ten years of experience, collaborative team player with an eye for details and dedication to quality work. Bahaa supports the social sculpture Please hold the line.

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    Shahed A. Naji is a Lebanese multi-disciplinary artist, researcher and yoga teacher. In his work, Shahed focuses on socio-political topics such as migration and war, recreating situations through interactive spatial installations. Shahed supports the social sculpture Please hold the line.