What is a social Sculpture?

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As an artist and activist, I use my creative skills to work with people or organizations in their communities to influence social change. While a visual artist* uses his skills to express his view of the world, my actions are about supporting the progress and improvement of communities. My interest is to improve society as a whole and to help other people find their own ways of expression. The social sculpture thematizes certain social themes with art and creativity to make them visible. The artistic content of a social sculpture aims to shape the community. Especially when it visualizes conflicts, ecological crises, economic problems and interpersonal threats and puts them up for discussion. Then changes can occur actively in the immediate environment of a social sculpture.


What does social sculpture stand for?

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The social sculpture stands for dialogue at eye level, cooperation, active listening, solidarity and empathy – the message of the social sculpture emerges in the midst of the community. All aspects are bundled and form the thematic field for joint work in public space. With a commitment to diversity, the social sculpture strives to involve all participants* who are committed to socially committed practices in order to improve their environment, regardless of race, gender, class, age, sexual orientation and national status. Social sculpture works as an initiative to develop communities with marginalized groups through art, education, volunteering and grassroots organization. My approach includes a number of actions and projects to strengthen the initiative.


What is the aim of a social sculpture?

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Unity | Transformation | Visualization

There are social groups whose opinions and needs are not or not enough taken into account in the community. They usually do not have the means to make themselves heard. For a balanced community, however, it is crucial that the passive majority and the socially disadvantaged become equally active.

I firmly believe that everyone has creative potential. My art concentrates above all on human interaction in social discourse. I address precisely those people who are otherwise excluded from appearing in society in a visible and audible way – in the form of a collaborative work of art. Through my work, I work together with the group to shape or propose an intervention within a social system that stimulates debate and promotes social exchange. Social sculpture aims to create social and/or political change through collaboration with individuals, communities, organizations and institutions.


Social Sculptures 2011-2018 | international participation processes

The social sculptures in an international context connect people of different cultures, ethnicities, sexes and social affiliations through art projects, mostly installations, in public space.

Smile & Protea Gold | South Africa

Pink Silence | India

Water has no ability to discriminate | Japan · Germany · India

Cultures in Appearance | India


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