Social Art Award

PINK SILENCE is the Winner of the Social Art Award 2019!

Great news! The PINK SILENCE social sculpture was chosen as the winner of the  2019 Social Art Award! A ten-member international jury consisting of curators, artists and scientists selected Pink Silence out of 558 entries from around the world, as an extremely socially relevant and artistically valuable piece. The Social Art Award honors art that aims to create social change by questioning existing systems and paradigms. Their motto is: Can art be a catalyst for change? They understand artists to be visionaries, utopians and agents for change with the ability to influence society by creating emotionally compelling experiences.

The prize is awarded by the Institute for Art and Innovation, which specializes in facilitating targeted interventions at the interface of art, science and technology to bring about positive change.

Pink Silence | Winner of the Social Art Award 2019

The Contest

The contest took place in two phases: first, an online vote where PINK SILENCE earned a high click rate that propelled it into the TOP 10 with a total of 2,846 votes! The 20 entries with the highest votes were also shortlisted for the upcoming Institute for Art and Innovation award publication. In the second phase, the international ten-member jury chose PINK SILENCE as the overall contest winner!

Award Ceremony in Berlin

There will be a big award ceremony in June 2020. All the winners and jurors will get together for an exhibition and to talk more about the works and projects. The award ceremony will focus on the themes espoused in the works as opposed to the artists themselves. The works and their publication will then be exhibited in selected galleries worldwide.
The official announcement of the event including invitations will follow soon!
Stay tuned and connected.

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