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Silent Post Theatre

In the project Silent Post Theatre the children go in search of silence. Does it exist and if so, where? Is silence boring? Or does it have something to tell us? Maybe it also has a sense of humour? When searching for silence, the children came up with tests – for example, whether one becomes completely silent during a foot bath. Games are played around silence and others are asked how they experience silence. What does silence sound like when you are deaf or your hearing is impaired? Finally, a silence test course is built, which guests and other children are invited to try.

The project was four hours everyday for one week,  with children aged 8-11. On the last day they were invited to experiment together.

Experiments, games, silence & water accompanied the children and inspired their fantasies.


Funding & Network:

The project was developed in cooperation with Gabi dan Droste and Franziska Henschel.


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