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In the primary school in Bad Bedakesa, the gradation from one class to the next is celebrated with a project week and therefore becomes a lasting memory for the pupils*. The evangelical lutheran congregation Wesermünde organizes various workshops with professional artists*, who create an extracurricular program with the children during this time. For that particular year the focus was music and storytelling: singing, instrumental studies, listening to music, telling and inventing stories, and fine arts. All centered around the premise of practical engagement.

My groups, two second grade classes, alternated every day between the art room and regular classes. Guided by their teacher, there were small exercises on the subject of class community and consideration throughout the week. The topic was deepened with short videos of practical examples in which interpersonal solidarity and mutual consideration are particularly important. The children learnt how an orchestra functions whereby each musician considers the others; how the music can only be created by collaborating. The children were then taught how to draw the treble clef symbol and what it stands for. Different rhythmical exercises were tapped using pens on the tables. Everyone was allowed to show what he or she could do.

The class community as a theme for the score!

Flying notes!

Each child was given a transparent acrylic glass ball. This was to be filled by them in successive steps throughout the week with items that were a window into their personal lives: play figurines, fimo and photos, etc. At the end of the week, the balls were hung on a huge perforated sheet in the shape of a treble clef symbol, which was specially installed onto the ceiling of the school’s entrance hall. The balls, hanging from the clef, created a three-dimensional form that represented the class as a community.

The project lasted one week and was designed for 2nd grade, i.e. 7-8 year old children.

The different working steps for the creation of the “flying notes”

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