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Scenes of God

Confirmation is a solemn act of blessing in protestant churches and marks the transition to adulthood. It is carried out in the context of a festive divine service in which the confirmands* publicly affirm their faith. The preparation for confirmation in the protestant youth congregations is a period of several months. Confirmation camps or so-called confi-camps in german are now gaining in popularity among young aspirants.

What does God look like to me?

At the end of the confirmation preparation period, the evangelical lutheran church district Wesermünde had expressed the wish to discover how the idea of God develops. During a two-day stay at the recreational area in Drangstedt, the young aspirants were given the opportunity to give image and form to the inner process of this enquiry at an artistic workshop. The central question was: How do I see God? Finally, an exhibition of sculptures, paintings and performances was prepared and presented the following week after the official confirmation at a festive service.

The duration of the project was three days. The young people were about 15 years old.


The project Images of God deals with a deeper understanding of the world.


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