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Global sculpture | Water has no ability to discriminate

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Water & Frequency is alive

The photograph of the water crystal depicts the essence of 321 separately collected water samples from across the globe gathered in Auroville, India. This water was energetically charged in Auroville during a ceremony that comprised 5000 people meditating simultaneously! Natural science, art, phenomenology, physics, chemistry, technology, pseudoscience, energy and esotericism, meditation, creativity, happiness and much more come together in this beautiful water crystal, and reveal the combined beauty of all these energies, otherwise hidden to a mere glance but still a fundamental and resonating aspect of our reality.

At the beginning of 2018 I had embarked on a long-awaited journey – from one country to another, one way, to encounter the unknown, the new and the amazing – without a return ticket. This lack of a return ticket was the decisive difference, because the feeling wasn’t the same this time.

In almost all countries I did not understand the script or the languages, if at all only in a fragmented way. My journey took me from Berlin through Greece, Turkey, Lebanon, UAE, India, Indonesia, Japan and England and amounted to approx. 42,000 km in five months. “Water has no ability for discrimination” is a GLOBAL SKULPTUR that was created on the journey. It is a visual of the connections between different peoples, rituals, conversations, thoughts, ideas and routes across the world – be like water, my friend, as Bruce Lee once said.

International Waterceremony in Auroville

In the middle of February I was at an international water ceremony in South India. The occasion was the 50th anniversary of the founding of the international community of Auroville – a universal township where people of all nationalities intend to live in peace and to research how best to create a progressive and harmonious society amongst other things. The anniversary was celebrated with the aforementioned water ceremony, where 321 different water samples from all over the world were collected in advance and poured into one large golden bowl. Unity, equality and transparency were different carriers of meaning that were resonating during this symbolic act. Water has no capacity for discrimination. In the end I skimmed off a little of this water…

321 water samples sorted by country
Quelle: Auroville Waters
  1. Algeria: 1) Source Zarif, Tlamcen,
  2. Angola: 1) Okavango River,
  3. Antarctica: 1) Chipped from an Iceberg, Mikkelsen Harbour, Antarctic Peninsula,
  4. Argentina: 1) Water from Salta, 2) Rio de la Plata, Bueno Aires, 3)
  5. Auroville: 1) Eau de Conscience de Coin de Terre,
  6. Australia: 1) Paramatta River, Clarke‘s Point Reserve, Woolwich, 2) Lake Joondalup, Perth, 3) Rain Water from Melbourne,4) Southern Ocean of Melbourne, 5) Flat Rock Galley Stream, Sydney, 6)
  7. Austria: 1) Water from Bad Walters Dorf, 2) Water from Vienna, 3) Inn River, Schaerding, 4) Oberwaltersdorf Lake, 5) Zauchen See,6) Dreamicon Valley,
  8. Bangladesh (presently): Karatoya River, 2) The Jamuna, 3) Surma River, Kishoreganj Dist. 4) Buriganga, Dhaka, 5) Padma River,6) Bhoirab River, 7) Karnaphuli River, Chitagong, 8) Sitalakshya River, Kishoreganj Dist. 9) Phooljore River,
  9. Belarus: 1) Well water, Stankovo Village, Minsk Region, 2)
  10. Belgium: 1) Hertebrons, Source des Cerfs, Sint-Joris-Weert, Meerdaalbos,2) Zennebeck River, Rose Garden, Coloma Parc, St. Pieters Leeuw, 3) Tap Water from Diest, 4) Tap Water from Halen,
  11. Bhutan: 1) Water from Bhutan,
  12. Bolivia: 1) Lake Titicaca, La Paz Departement,
  13. Botswana: 1) Chobe River,
  14. Brazil: 1) Water from Brazil (source unknown), Spring Water from Ribeirao City, Pernambuco,
  15. Bulgaria: 1) Spring Water from the ‚Giving Hands‘, the Sacred Seven Rila Lakes, Rila Mountains, 2)
  16. Canada: 1) Bay of Fundy, 2)Glacier Colombia-Athabasca, Rocky Mountains, Alberta, 3) Riviere du Chicot, Mirabel, Quebec,4) Ottawa River, Ottawa, 5) Pacific Ocean, Peterscove, Pender Island, 6) Pacific Ocean, Medicine Beach, Pender Island, 7) Fish Lake, In Mountain, Yokon Territories, 8) Lac Bromont, Quebec, 9) Spring Water from Mount Shefford, Quebec, 10)
  17. Chile: 1) Pacific Ocean of Concon, Playa Ann Maria,
  18. China: 1) Hupao Spring, Hangzhou, Zheijian Province, 2) Yunlong River, Xuzhou City, Jiangsu Province, 3) Yangtal River, Yibin, 4)
  19. Colombia: 1) Iguaque, 2) Amazon River Leticia, Amazonas,
  20. Costa Rica: 1) Naciente Spring Water, Montana,
  21. Croatia: 1) Krka River, Sibenik, Dalmatia, 2) St. Jana Spring,
  22. Cuba: 1) Yayabo River, Sancti Spiritus, 2) Rio del Miel, 3) Cueva del Indio, 4)
  23. Czech Republic: 1) Vltava River, Prague, Moldau,
  24. Denmark: 1) Water from Byvaenget, Hojby, Nordsjolland,
  25. Egypt: 1) River Nile, Luxor,
  26. England: 1) Avon River, Malmesbury, 2) Spring Water from Scotland, 3) Highland Spring, Scotland,4) Stream Water from Portheras, Cornwall, 5) Lathkil River, Over Haddon, Derbyshire, 6) Cumbrian Spring, Scarfell Peak, 7) Sacred Chalice Well, Glastonbury,
  27. Ethiopia: 1) Unknown Source, 2) Source of Nile,
  28. France: 1) Vaison La Romaine, Le Crestet, 2) La Seine, Cathedrale St. Michel, Notre Dame, Paris,3) Orge River, St. Germain Les Arpagon, 4) Mediterranean Sea, Carnon Plage, Montpellier, 5) La Source du Colonel St. Georges, Corsica 6) Fountain of Champs de Mars, Paris, 7) Le Ballon d‘Alsace, Lepuix, 8) Spring Water from Quatre Vents, Telos, 9) Riviere La Brisse, Loir et Cher, 10) Fountain of Sainte Appoline, Foret de Broceliande, Bretagne, 11) Rain Water from Malachappe, Moelan sur Mer, Bretagne, 12) Sacred Fountain of Lourdes, 13) Fontaine de Baronton, Forest of Broceliande, Bretagne, 14) Le Guindy River, Cavan, 15) Spring Water from Rosey, Oise, 16) Source Marie Madeleine, Fontaine des Amours, Le Rec d‘Aze, from La Blanque, Aude, La Salz, 17) Water from Herault, 18) Le Sapey River, La Chabanne, Auvergne, 19) Le Tir a l‘Oiseau, Burgundy, 20) Water from Vellexon,
  29. Germany: 1) Spring water from the Black Forest, 2) Rhume Spring, 3) Necker Anke, Blashofer, Tubinger, 4) Isar River, Muenich, 5) River Isebek, Eppendorf, Hamburg, 6) Ploener See, Ploen, Schleswig-Holstein, 7) Danube, Niederalteich, 8) River Lippe, Dorsten, 9) Wuesten See, Osnabrueck, 10) Spring Water from Amorsbrunn Chapel, Unterfranken, Bavaria, 11) Spitzing Lake, Bavaria, 12) Elbe River, Hamburg, 13) Spring Water from Lillach-Quelle, Bavaria, 14) Water from St. Ulrich, Black Forest, 15) Dreisam River, Freiburg,
  30. Hawaii: 1) Pacific Ocean at Kailua O‘ahu, Kalama Beach,
  31. Hungary: 1) Kirali Hot Spring, Budapest, 2) St. Peter‘s Kut Natural Spring, Islo, Transylvania,
  32. Iceland: 1) Vatnajoekul, 2) Lake Tjoernen, Reyjkavic,
  33. India: 1) Hot Spring of Vashishth Temple, Manali, 2) Brahma Ganga, Manikaran, H.P. 3) Bharatpuzha River, Kerala, 4) Gaumukh, Gangotri, 5) Ganges Water, Jonk, Uttarkhand, 6) Water from Leh Glacier, 7) River Beas, 8) River Ravi, 9) Malung River, Ladakh, 10) Water from the Sahyadri Hills, Nasik, Western Ghats, 11) Golden Temple, Amritsar, 12) Triveni Sangam (confluence of Godavari, Manjir & Harida Rivers), Telengana State, 13) Spring of Swayambhu Shila Tirtha, Telengana State, 14) Narmada, Gujarat, 15) Kaveri River, Kaveripattinam Temple, AP. 16) Then Pennai River, AP. 17) Agniteertham Teerthamali Temple, AP, 18) Teerthagiriswarar Temple,Teerthamalai Ramar Teertham, AP, 19) Water from Dzukou Valley, Nagaland, 20) Kolab Dam, Koraput, Odisha, 21) Stream Water from Mt. Kailash, Southern Face, 22) Kshipra River, Ujjain, MP, 23) Mahi River, Ratlam, MP. 24) Narmada, Onkareshwar, MP, 25) Gomukh Glacier, Himalayas, 26) Sanagam, confluence of Ganga, Jamuna, Sarawati, Allahabad, 27) Sabarmati River, Gandhi Ashram, Ahmedabad, 28) Mahi River, Baroda, Gujarat, 29) Ganga Water (brought by Akshay) 30) Well Water from Ramanathaswamy Temple, Rameshwaram, TN, 31) Zanzkar River, Chilling, Leh, 32) Water from the 22 wells of Ramanathaswamy Temple, Rameshaswaram & Leh City, 33) Ganga Water (from Aster, 34) Water from Sri Aurobindo Ashram Delhi, 35) Ganges Water, Rishikesh, 36) Confluence of Kaveri, Bhavani, Amuda, Erode, Tamilnadu, 37) Narmada (from Pratyush), 38) Koti Teerth Jal, Shri Mahakaleshwar Temple, Ujjain, MP, 39) Tap Water from Trivandrum, 40) Valapattanam River, Kannur Dist. Kerala, 41) Source of Narmada, Amarkantak, MP, 42) Azhaharmalai Teertham Natural Spring, Madurai, TN, 43) Godavari, Nanded, Maharashtra, 44) Brahmani River, Dist, Jaipur, Odisha, 45) Kharasota River, Dist, Jaipur, Odisha, 46) Baitarani River, Dist. Jaipur, Odisha, 47) Gangajal, Rishikesh, Haridwar (Abha Sinha), 48) Gangajal, Varanasi (Abha Sinha), 49) Ganga Water 1008 in one, Mayapuri, West Bengal, 50) Gangajal (Renu B.), Rishikesh, 51) Pachaiaru Ponthupuli River, Palani Hills, Western Ghats, TN. 52) Bhima River, Alegaon Village, Pune, 53) Dal Lake, Dharamshala, 54) Ganges Water, Kolkata, WB, 55) Golden Temple Lake, Amritsar, Punjab, 56) Mahendratanaya River, Paralakhemundi, Odisha, 57) Bikha Behram Well, Mumbai, 58) River Shivna, Mandsaur, MP, 59) Bindu Sagar Lake, Ananta Basudeva Temple, Bhubaneswar, Odisha, 60) Narmada of Karnali Temple, Baruch Dist, Gujarat, 61) Mansoravar (Alpesh Kava), Kailash, Himalayas, 62) Mansoravar (Sudha Patel), Kailash, Himalayas, 63) Gomukh Water (Ardhendu), Haridwar, India, 64) Godavari (Sanatan), Rajamundri, East Godavari Dist. AP,65) Krishna River (Sanatan), Vijaywada, Krishna Dist. AP, 66) Markandeya River, Belgavi City, Karnataka, 67) Sindhu River, Ladakh, 68) Ganga Water (Taradi), Rishikesh, Haridwar, 69) Bhima River & Kedarnath, Karnataka & Himalayas, 70) Well Water from Tiruvannamalai, TN. 71) Tap Water from Puducherry, 72) Bahour Lake, Puducherry, 73) Kavery Teertham, Tiruchirapalli, TN. 74) Holy Spring Water from Nupura Gangai, Alagar Kovil, Madurai Dist, TN. 75) Mahanadi, Cuttack, Odisha, 76) Yamuna River, Delhi, 77) Ramgada River, Madhuban Area, Dist. Nainital, Uttarkhand, 78) Water of 108 Rivers, Akshardham, Delhi, 79) Mansoravar (Taradi), Himalayas, 80) Well Water from Shilpa Paddiam Paattiam, Kannur, Malabar, Kerala,
  34. Indonesia: 1) Natural Spring from the Temple of Varuna,
  35. Ireland: 1) The Spour (spring), Lisemore Castle Garden, 2) St. Brigid‘s Holy Well, Liscannore, County Clare, 3) River Lee, Cork,
  36. Israel: 1) River Jordan, 2) Jordan River (brought by Yen), Yardenit Baptismal Site, Kibbutz Kinneret, Jordan Valley,
  37. Italy: 1) Fonte del Parco, Rozzano, Milano, 2) Sesia River, 3) Natural Spring Water from Aurora Community, Modena,4) Natural Pools of Pozza, Leonardo da Vinci, Bocche d‘Adda, Val Chirigina, Bormeo, Italy, 5) Mountain Spring of Andrate, Torino, Italy, 6) Aqua Riserva, Santa Maria La Scala, 7) Water from Eloro, Syracusa, Sicily, 8) Castel de Fiori, Terni, Umbria, 9) Esino River, Mergo Village, 10) Spring Water from Mt. Lavane, Marradi, Tuscony, 11) Fonte Riardo, Cessna,
    12) Trasimeno Lake, Monte del Lago, Magione, Perugia, 13) Natural Spring Water from the Alps, Sondrio Italy, 14) Water from Mongna Morgantina, Aidone, Sicily.
  38. Japan: 1) Water from Yoro Mountain, Gifu Prefecture, 2) Motoyasu River, Hiroshima, 3) Spring Water from Sapporo,
  39. Jordan: 1) Dead Sea, Aquaba,
  40. Kingdom of Lesotho: 1) Mohokare River
  41. Korea: 1) Well Water from Jinjo-Ri 222, Dae Ryeong Park, Pyenongchang County,
  42. Laos: 1) Luang Prabang Water Fall,
  43. Lebanon: 1) Aliya Water,
  44. Lithuania: 1) Confluences of Vilkmergi & Sventoji, Vilnia & Niris, Niris & Nemunas, Pajanta Valley,
  45. Luxemburg: 1) La Petrusse River, La Petrusse Valley, Luxemburg City, 2) River Sure, Esch-sur-Sure,
  46. Mauritius: 1) Indian Ocean of Blue Bay,
  47. Morocco: 1) Mineral Water of Sidi Ali, Oulmes,
  48. Mozambique: 1) Olifantsnek
  49. Myanmar: 1) Mountain Spring of Tlai Sun, Falam, Chin State,
  50. Nepal: Unknown source from Nepal
  51. New Caledonia: 1) Spring Water of Plum,
  52. New Zealand: 1) Whangarei Falls, Hatea River, Waikato River, Auckland,
  53. Norway: 1) Water from Uvdal, Baskerud, 2) Araksfjorden Lake, Aust-Agder County,
  54. Pakistan (presently): 1) Datta Sahib Mazar, Lahore,
  55. Peru: 1) Tipun Lake, Cusco, 2) Mountain Spring Quoyority, Quoyorita, 3) Spring Water from Cusco City,
  56. Portugal: 1) Gilao River, 2) Oracle Spring, Tamera Peace Research Centre, 3) Atlantic Ocean, Carcavelos Beach,4) Atlantic Ocean, Peniche Beach, 5) Atlantic Ocean, Caparica Beach, 6) Atlantic Ocean, Guincho Beach, 7)
  57. Romania: 1) Vulpachi Spring, Lipovianca, 2) Angel‘s Arm Spring, Transylvania, Romania, 3)
  58. Russia: 1) Baikal Lake, 2) Neva River, St. Petersburg, 3) Borewell Water from Kostroma, 4) Spring of St.Sergiy, Moscow,5) Svetloyar Lake Water System, Shadrino Village, Nizhny Novgorod Region, 6) Water from Gatchina Park, St. Petersburg, 7) Water from Krasnogorsk City, Moscow Area,
  59. Rwanda: 1) Source of Nile, Karuruma,
  60. Singapore: 1) Sembawang Hot Spring, 2) Symphone Lake, Botanical Gardens,
  61. South Africa: 1) Perennial Spring, Colonel Bird‘s Bath, Cape Town, 2) Magaliesburg River, Magaliesburg,
  62. Spain: 1) El Naixement del Liu Llobregat Castelar de n‘Hug, Barcelona, 2) Water from the Mediterranean Sea, Catalunya,3) Spring Water from Barcelona, 4) Fuente de la Immaculata, Sarral, Catalunya, 5) Herriko Plaza Source, Euskadi, Pasaia, Basc Country, 6) Source of El Tosca River, Tortosa, Catalonia, 7) Font de la Coveta, Source of Vinalopo River, Alicante Country, 8) Seixo Branco Fountain, Mera-Coruna, Galicia, 8) Mar Menor Lagoon, Cartagena, 9) Font des Teix, Mallorca, 10) Aqua del Segura, Rio Segura, Murcia, 11) Water from Cantabria, 12) Water from Santolin, Burgos, 13) Santa Ana Source, Villaescusa, Cantabria, 14) Water from Montserra, Catalunya,
  63. Sri Lanka: 1) Kelani Ganga, 2) Well Water of Anuradhapura, 3) Well Water of Candy
  64. Sudan: 1) The Blue Nile,
  65. Swaziland: 1) Ncotshane River, Mohambe Border,
  66. Sweden: 1) Offerlunden Havang, 2) Well Water from Nottebaecks, Norrhult, 3) Bay Inlet, Baltic Sea, Hauslatt Beach, Oskarshamn, 4)
  67. Switzerland: 1) Lac Leman, 2) Lac Leman, Pully, 3) Lake Zug, 4) Kriesbach Creek, 5) Waterfall in Ticino, 6) River Lorze, Zug,
  68. Syria: 1) Spring Water from St. George‘s Church, Basra
  69. Thailand: 1) Water from Chiang Mai,
  70. The Netherlands: 1) Nieuwe Haas, Rotterdam, 2) River Beesd on the Linge, Beesd, Gelderland, 3) IJsselmeer Lake,4) River De Waal, Nijmegen, 5) Eem Soest River,
  71. Tibet: 1) Tributary of Yarlung Tsaugpo, Tingri, Gangga Town,
  72. Tunisia: 1) Gulf of Tunisia/Mediterranean Sea
  73. Turkey: 1) Madram Spring, Mugla, 2) Kizilirmak River, Nevsehir, Avanos/Capadoccia, 3) Water from Bahcekoy, Istanbul, Sariyer,4) Bozdag River, Izmir, Odemis,
  74. Uganda: 1) Source of Nile,
  75. USA: 1) Lake Washington, Marina Park, Kirkland, 2) San Antonio Creek, Southern California, 3) Sacramento River, Knight‘s Landing, Northern California, 4) American River, California State University, Sacramento, 5) Lake Kaleshwar, Laytonville, California, 6) Los Angeles River, Sherman Oaks, Los Angeles, 7) Spring Water from Rock Spring House, Governor Dodge State Park, Wisconsin, 8) Lake Washington, Seattle, 9) Hudson River, New York City, 10) Water from Matagiri, State of New York State, 11) Glen Ellen Water Fall, Sonoma County, California, 12) Reservoir Rain Water from San Francisco, California, 13) Reservoir Rain Water from Boston, MA, 14) Mountain Water from Bryant‘s Brook, Andes, New York State, 15) Lake Murray, South Carolina, 16) The Straits of Michilimackinac (waters of great lakes Huron, Michigan & Superior), Michigan,
  76. Vietnam: 1) Saigon River, Ho Chi Min City, 2) Mekong River,
  77. Zambia: 1) Zambezi River, Kazungula, 2) Zambezi River, Victoria Water Falls

HADO | Resonance | 新時代を温かな愛感謝で始めよう!

When you embark on a long journey of this kind, conversations with new people are sources of inspiration. “Look or read The Secret – the law of attraction”, I heard from different people on the way and did so about two months later in Tokyo. In this book the question is examined: “what are the effects that energies and vibrations have on our lives?”. The question was also examined using water, introducing Dr. Masaru Emoto’s method of water crystal research. In his theory, Emoto claims that water is alive and acts as a carrier medium for energies. He has developed a method that makes it possible to visually record the energy stored by water crystals. The changes in the molecular structure of water are seen as it is subjected to the vibrations of different stimuli. Methodically, he freezes the energetically charged water imbued by the vibratory influence of images, words, or music, and then photographs the water crystals the moment they begin to melt again. He calls this “melting state” “EZ” and calls it the fourth aggregate state of water. The water in the EZ aggregate state has physical properties similar to a gel. In this state, the molecular structure of the water crystals is revealed. Emoto’s research is cited by scientists worldwide but not recognized and generally dismissed as parascience. I contacted Hiromasa Emoto, the son of Masaru Emoto, who runs the institute of his late father. I told him about the water ceremony in Auroville and offered him the water sample for investigation. Back in Germany, I sent a small parcel with the water sample from Bremerhaven to Tokyo…


Masaru Emoto Institut in Tokyo

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