Why do refugees* have smartphones and brand clothing?

For the past five years, the refugee debate has been a present topic in Germany. Schools too, now see it as their responsibility to give the debate its place in history. Lessons in politics are also given to contextualize it accordingly. The Hermann Allmers School asked for a corresponding workshop.

Exsilium means either banishment or sanctuary. Both terms explain the meaning of exile: people who are in exile live in a country other than their country of origin. They have fled or been banished from their homeland. Many people in Europe had to go into exile between 1933 and 1945 because they did not meet the political, social or ethnic demands of the national socialists and their allies. Even today, opposition politicians* are forced to flee because they would otherwise be imprisoned or have to fear for their lives. Others leave their country in order to realize their own form of art that does not find an audience in their home country under the political conditions there. But people still want to stay connected…

People want to stay connected

The school gave the course a long corridor with two white walls about 15 meters long for their design. The students* designed a collage of their historically destroyed city of Bremerhaven for one side and combined it with people connected by telephone in this scenario on the other side. The communication between the two sides was depicted with long silver stripes that hung like a net between the two walls.

The duration of the project was one week and was designed for 6th grade i.e. 12/13 year olds.

Project Week Migration and Escape

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