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BOOM | the tree

Together with the Wesermünde church district, the Bürgermeister-von-Soosten School organized the “Week of Tolerance”. The elementary school children dealt playfully with multilingualism, dialects and accents and broached the subject of Bremerhaven’s own Lower German language area, which is strongly determined by the Low German dialect in the surrounding area. A word should be illuminated from several sides. Transparent acrylic panels and the testing of different painting techniques were used to transfer the theme to another medium. The children were to portray each other and a transparent acrylic sheet stood between them.

The children portray themselves on acrylic

Multilingualism | Illuminated from all sides

At the end of the week, the children applied the practiced techniques to kinetic acrylic parts. These circular objects were integrated into the specially designed sculpture BOOM, which means “tree” in Low German. Finally, the sculpture was ceremoniously handed over to the school and permanently attached to the grounds. The duration of the project was one week and was designed for a third class, i.e. children from 8-9 years.

The ceremonial handing over of the sculpture BOOM including the designed acrylic parts of the children

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