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The Process of a Social Sculpture


Develop idea & concept

Global problems are not solved in one day.

The keys to a successful project are visualizing the idea and developing the concept. This includes well-researched plans and scenarios.


Collect contributions & grants is an initiative. We need your support to create more awareness and interest for specific issues.


Team up & scheduling

The projects take place in public places. We are looking for the right supporters*, team members* and experts* to support us in the work of liaising with authorities, communication and logistics on site.


Execute the project

Let’s do it! Now is the time to take action and make a statement with a social sculpture. Your help generates our resources. You can support us financially, participate on site or commit as a volunteer* in advance.

The social sculpture becomes reality!


Publish and document results

We want to present our work to our global network. To this end, we are transparent in documenting the process and its development. Become an ambassador* and share the project via Social Media!