Action, Participation & Connection

What is a Social Sculpture? 

Action, Participation & Involvement

A social sculpture is an art installation in a public area, created by any marginalized group or community, with the purpose of highlighting important issues which otherwise find no voice. The purpose is to bring these issues to the fore so that they cannot be ignored. projects are a combination of educational programs and workshops that culminate with the installation of a social sculpture. These projects address the issues at hand in a transparent and inclusive atmosphere, creating a safe environment to explore them. In an atmosphere of trust and collaboration one often gains access to otherwise repressed content. Bringing such issues to the foreground is the requisite catalyst for finding solutions and thereby for change. is an initiative that brings together creative people from across the globe to collaborate with co-opted local members to birth social sculptures. Through participatory art projects and installations displayed in public places facilates suppressed voices to be heard.
Our network spans India, South Africa, Japan and Germany and is looking for new global partnerships that match our philosophy.