Plastic Secret

Art creates added value and strengthens local communities

In coordinated groups, plastic will be collected from the beaches and then sorted by color. This material then serves as the base for an artistic discussion in the form of a large installation in a public space. The large plastic objects & sculptures become an attraction. Plastic consists of petroleum and there are now mobile solutions to convert it back into diesel, kerosene or gasoline. A final conversion to any of these raw states would be ideal. Thus, the issue is brought to the attention of the public in a fresh and non didactic form. At the same time, events can be organized such as lectures, film screenings and information sharing that will encourage public debate in the affected community. The people whose home has become an international garbage dump will be acknowledged.

Art plays an indispensable role here, because through one’s own artistic engagement with the “worthless” sculpture it acquires the true value of affiliation with it. For the participants* this also becomes a significant community-building exercise. This kind of experience encourages the reassessment of one’s outlook and allows a new consciousness to take form.

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