About values and collaborations

Soziale-Skulptur.org advocates for marginalized people and problems that have little or no place in society. These are people who live on the streets, women who have experienced violence or children with difficult access to education. We see ourselves as an international platform for groups and associations of affected people who tell their authentic stories and visualize them in a second step to finally become visible again!

Art can improve people’s lives through participation. Soziale-Skulptur.org is an initiative of creative people to develop and strengthen marginalized groups through art in public space, volunteer work and workshops. Together we create a work that brings the stories of our participants* into public discourse in the form of an installation. Their experiences influence the narration and design of the project – thus creating visibility and conquering a place back in society. The Soziale-Skulptur.org network now spans India, South Africa, Japan and Germany and is always on the lookout for new partnerships with government agencies and civil society that are consistent with the values of Soziale-Skulptur.org. Accordingly, we are looking for collaborations that want to use their reach to achieve common goals, especially for the creation of opportunities, equality, the integrity of body and mind, and environmental protection. Social-Skulptur.org is committed to pluralism and demands respect for diversity. The working framework of our projects is active and participative, methodical and artistic, in order to promote permissive expression and critical thinking, but also to disrupt the status quo and its entrenched interests.

Social-Skulptur.org is currently launched as a private initiative. For the further development of our platform we offer a number of educational programs and creative projects, for the realization of which we need your support! You can participate in different ways, whether with a monetary contribution, as a patron*, a traineeship or cooperation as a local cooperation partner.

If you, as a cooperation partner, are interested in a joint project, please send me an e-mail about the focus of your group.


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