PINK SILENCE is the Winner of the Social Art Award 2019!

Great news! The PINK SILENCE social sculpture was chosen as the winner of the  2019 Social Art Award! A ten-member international jury consisting of curators, artists, and scientists selected Pink Silence out of 558 entries from around the world, as an extremely socially relevant and artistically valuable piece. The Social Art Award honors art that aims to create social change by questioning existing systems and paradigms. Their motto is: Can art be a catalyst for change? They understand artists to be visionaries, utopians, and agents for change with the ability to influence society by creating emotionally compelling experiences.

The prize is awarded by the Institute for Art and Innovation, which specializes in facilitating targeted interventions at the interface of art, science, and technology to bring about positive change.

Pink Silence | Winner of the Social Art Award 2019

The Contest

The contest took place in two phases: first, an online vote where PINK SILENCE earned a high click rate that propelled it into the TOP 10 with a total of 2,846 votes! The 20 entries with the highest votes were also shortlisted for the upcoming Institute for Art and Innovation award publication. In the second phase, the international ten-member jury chose PINK SILENCE as the overall contest winner!

Award ceremony in July 2020 in as zoom event

A big award ceremony including program and presentation of prizes was in preparation, but the global pandemic did not allow for a live event. After several postponements, the ceremony will take place as a ZOOM event on 29.07.2020 at 18:00 CET. Get a free ticket to the exclusive award ceremony here.


Stay tuned and connected, Bogna

The idea behind “Social Sculpture”

In November 2019 Radio Weser Studio Bremerhaven hosted North Germanys first TEDx event. It was my priviledge to present Social Sculpture to a diverse and receptive audience. Here, past projects were presented alongside developing ideas. It was unbelievable!
The studio auditorium was completely sold out. I had the feeling that the TEDx format attracted a new, innovation-oriented audience. We even had guest travel from Hamburg, Bremen and Kiel.  And that on a rainy Sunday!

TEDx Bremerhaven | The transformative Powers of Social Sculpture

Innovation from Northern Germany

A total of 7 speakers presented in diverse fields such as marine biology, urban planning, and psychological coaching of taboo subjects. Each Speaker presented their current projects and research in a max. 18 min speech. The talks were selected and presented according to the TED guidelines from the areas T=Technology, E=Education & D=DesignSocial Sculpture is to be understood under the aspect of design.

The introduction to my talk was a short imaginative game with the aim to sensitize the audience to a certain topic, more precisely: Who is visible in our society and who is not? It was important to me to approach the question openly in order to show that expressed creativity in artistic projects can offer solutions for social future questions and problems. But this requires a restoration of the playful child that hidden in every adult.
In a second step, I presented the international projects SMILE and PINK SILENCE for clarification, preceded by a brief presentation of the artist Joseph Beuys, who established the term “social sculpture” in the 1960s. The theory influenced by anthroposophy states that every human being can contribute to the well-being of the community through creative action and thus have a plasticizing effect on society.
The focus in my TEDx talk is the human being who grows through art and creative work. Be it on the level of his development as a social being as well as in the materialization of his creativity for social co-existence. Because each of us is creatively active, whether as a painter, author, cook or gardener… and artistic as well as creative work are always to be understood as dialogue, never as a monologue.

So proud to be part of this movement! Stay tuned, Bogna